waking dream
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What do we call this music? We love to "name" things, but it is usually better not to. Sometimes it is best to just close our eyes and listen.

To attempt the naming, we can say this project is alternative improvisational meditation featuring instruments known to induce meditation. Didgeridoo, vocal chant, and drums from around the world.

To make our meditation authentic and process oriented, we deliberately entered the studio with no rehearsal and only a few motifs to develop. With an intention to make conversational music with human beings, the three musicians performed together at the same time, knowing that nothing would be overdubbed or edited.

We designed this music meditation as a process to rivet the meditator into the Now and then further maximize personal freedom of expression. With freedom in the Now we are free from conditions pulling us into the past or future, such as commercial concerns about the project. In other words, for this experience to be authentic, it was designed for us. We did not target and preconceive a specific style that could be named in the commercial market. We entered the studio as empty as possible.

Listen to sample MP3s from the Waking Dream CD below.